To Maintain Expertise

Credibility matters. I often introduce myself to students by listing my credentials because I want them to know that what I am teaching is not simply my opinion but collective intelligence by a body of experts. Students have a right to know that their instructors are experts in the field, and it is my responsibility to maintain that expertise.

Here are the professional development opportunities related to maintaining expertise in teaching and/or leadership that I have taken during my time at Ivy Tech:

  • Leadership Academy (in progress)
    • I was nominated to attend this seminar, which takes place over a series of six 2-day workshops. This seminar is helping me to develop leadership skills while working with other leaders to develop a proposal to improve a current practice at Ivy Tech.
  • Master Teacher Seminar (completed Spring 2016)
    • I was nominated to attend this seminar, which took place over a series of three 2-day workshops. This seminar gave me hands-on opportunities to develop best practices for instruction.
  • Master of Fine Arts (completed Summer 2015)
    • The MFA is the terminal degree in my field. My focus was Creative Nonfiction, and my final thesis was a collection of essays, one of which was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and listed as a notable essay in Best American Essays. (View transcript here.)