For the Love of Learning

I returned to academia after a twenty-year absence—and it felt like a revival of the soul. Every book I opened, every class discussion, every lecture I soaked up startled and delighted me; I was invigorated by the beauty and depth of the intellectual engagement of the writers, teachers, and fellow thinkers surrounding me. In response, I began to revise not just my writing skills, but my thought patterns and beliefs. As bell hooks writes, “We are changed by ideas.”

After earning my Masters in creative writing, I went on to pursue the terminal degree in my field, Masters of Fine Arts, focusing on creative nonfiction. I completed that degree while working at Ivy Tech.

Now I can’t get enough. I crave professional and intellectual stimulation and pursue opportunities continuously.

  • I attend required and optional professional development opportunities provided by Ivy Tech. (See sample certificate of required training; see sample acceptance letter for optional opportunity.)
  • I regularly apply for funding for professional development opportunities so I can attend conferences. (See sample request.)
  • I read literature and professional articles. (See sample subscription.)
  • I take courses through Ivy Tech for pleasure.

Because of my own powerful educational experiences, I am energized by influencing learners, helping them to discover that writing is not simply an internal ambition but a means to discovery and a mode for dissemination.