Out-of-Classroom Learning

I am invested in empowering the next generation of writers to invent our future. I want students’ thinking patterns and skills and passions to expand exponentially. This is why I am committed to providing learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Service-learning: Research shows that engagement through service-learning retains students. To capitalize on this, I have designed an English Composition course that uses volunteer work as a means for primary research. With the help of a grant from Campus Compact, I have designed this course for others also to use (available in Canvas Commons).

Online Discussion Boards: A disadvantage of in-class discussion can be that some students are more reticent than others. To allow the more reticent students an opportunity to participate in the discussion with classmates, I occasionally require the discussion to take place online. (View example here.) The questions for online discussion usually use the reader response critical theory strategy.

Field Trips: Some of the most memorable learning experiences happen outside the classroom, so I endeavor to find activities that enhance the concepts we are discussing in class. (For example, in my Introduction to Literature class, I took my students to the Indiana Repertory Theatre to watch A Christmas Carol.)