Classroom Assessment

In a writing class, a huge part of the learning process happens via feedback on written material. No matter how interesting and engaging a class period may be, the only way for students to improve their writing skill is to write—and to receive personalized instruction on what they did well and what can be improved.

My Teaching Philosophy directly addresses the issue of assessment:

“Feedback must be geared toward improvement. Therefore I provide clear standards of evaluation so students know what is expected. I provide significant feedback at the draft stage so I can direct them towards substantive changes that will strengthen their writing. I review their final work for evaluation, but also offer input that will help them improve future writing, giving specific feedback on what they did well and what they can work on. I return work quickly so students won’t lose momentum.”

(Click on the links above to see examples of how this is played out in my courses. Note that the Feedback artifact must be downloaded to view my comments on the student paper.)